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Nos stages sont remboursés jusqu'à 50€ par les mutuelles, téléchargez ici les attestations

Who are we ?

The non-profit organization "Teams Sport Educ" is an association offering various types of training courses and sports activities for educational purposes. The courses will take place at the Kraainem Sport & Event Village, a former Red Devils training complex.

Our team 

The courses are offered by highly qualified instructors, specialized in sports. They will supervise your children in a friendly atmosphere. The team is made up of physical education teachers, instructors qualified in their specific field, specialized educators and psychomotor therapists. more

Where are we ?

Throughout the year, our activities and workshops take place in "Lycée la Retraite", near the European Insitutions area, between Ambiorix and Plasky square.

The entry door is in rue Charles Quint à 1000 Bruxelles, the green door right in front of n° 112.

Our summer camps take place in The Kraainem Sport Event Village. This complex allows children to flourish through various sports activities in a green setting and in complete safety thanks to the many surveillance cameras.

The complex consists of a large parking lot accessible to visitors, several courtyards, football and tennis courts, a party room, a small playground and a lake.

The place is suitable to welcome children in the best conditions.

Several parks surround the complex.

Kraainem Sport & Event Village, Arthur Dezangrélaan 111, 1950 Kraainem  (see map)


Téléphone : 0471 97 60 16

E-Mail :

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