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Sports Saturday

We are launching a new concept in collaboration with Stay Strong Zaventem every Saturday.
This is a new service for children and their parents.
For the children, psychomotricity activities given by professionals and the possibility for the parents to train in a fitness room during this time. 

Dates: 6 May to 24 June
Schedule: Saturdays 10am-11.30am
Age: 3-12 years
Subscription for 8 sessions: 104€.
Price per session: €18
Fitness parents: 7€ per session for both parents
Address : Centre Stay Strong Zaventem Minervastraat, 7 1930 Zaventem

There will be 2 groups of children, 3 to 6 years old and 7 to 12 years old.


For the mini TSE (3 to 6 years old):

The psychomotricity activity aims to stimulate the creativity and the awakening of the child. Our activity leader creates a stimulating and enriching atmosphere through adapted sports, culinary and educational workshops. Also, thanks to the presentation of different objects, routes, situations, the child will live physical and positive experiences in a climate of security. All these workshops will develop the child's psychomotricity and confidence in their abilities.


For 7 to 12 year olds:
Advanced Psychomotricity
Performance by Sacha Physical education teacher

For parents:
Access to a proprioception area, with cardio and strength machines, a free and functional weights area and a 25m running surface. Changing rooms/showers/WC are also available for you to change before and after your physical activity or even during your visit to our offices. Furthermore, at the entrance to the centre, we provide you with numerous free parking spaces.

If you want to take out a subscription, we ask you to pay 104€. 
For parents' training, payment of 7€ which you can either pay on the account of the asbl or deposit directly at the reception on Saturday. 


To reserve your place: contact Alain directly by sms: 0487 37 78 54

More information: or 0471 97 60 16.

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